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IBM’s Sovereign Information Integration (SII) technology: double encryption to achieve privacy-minded security

Friday, September 16th, 2005

Information sharing and integration are essential elements of today’s marketplace. Current information integration approaches are based on the assumption that all of the information in each database can be revealed to the other databases. This is a potential privacy concern in many applications, such as applications that involve medical information and national security. IBM Almaden Research Center’s Sovereign Information Integration (SII) technology allows companies to share and integrate data while complying with privacy policies and laws. The SSI technology employs an innovative double-encryption technique in which each party encrypts its own data and then sends it to the other party to encrypt again. Double-encrypted data can be compared without violating disclosure rules because nonmatching values are protected by the other party’s encryption and would be unreadable by either party. SII is the functional component of IBM’s Hippocratic Database, which ties into health care applications to let users indicate who should have access to certain patient data.