VentureBeat and ZDNet comment on HealthVault

Our recent coverage of HealthVault has received some attention from other news outlets.

VentureBeat author David P. Hamilton has been covering HealthVault. He began with an attempt to review HealthVault that ended in frustration attempting to register a password. His next post was a review of HealthVault itself. Recently he posted his thoughts regarding our coverage of HealthVault.

Our comments also received some attention from Dana Blankenhorn at ZDNet. Robin Harris, another ZDNet author, believes that HealthVault is a sick joke. ZDNet also has some screenshots of HealthVault in action for those who may not have the time to play around with the site themselves. ZDNet also has a news article about Microsoft’s efforts to get health records online.

All of the articles are well worth reading if you are concerned about the privacy implications of electronic health records.

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