2008 Privacy Values Survey Completed

Our 2008 Privacy Values Survey ended this morning at 12:01 am on September 29, 2008. Thank you to the more than 2,000 survey respondents over the course of the survey.

Thank you for your interest! Please check back in a few months to see the survey results.

Previous survey results can be found in the following publications:

Earp, J.B.; Antón, A.I.; Aiman-Smith, L.; Stufflebeam, W.H., “Examining Internet privacy policies within the context of user privacy values,” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, vol.52, no.2, pp. 227-237, May 2005

Carlos Jensen, Colin Potts, Christian Jensen, “Privacy practices of internet users: Self-reports versus observed behavior,” International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, vol. 63, no. 1-2, pp. 203–227, 2005.

Vail, M. W.; Earp, J. B.; Antón, A. I., “An Empirical Study of Consumer Perceptions and Comprehension of Web Site Privacy Policies,” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, vol.55, no.3, pp.442-454, Aug. 2008

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