The Privacy Place is committed to disseminating information in the form of research results and relevant technical privacy developments in an effort to aid policy makers, software developers and public citizens. The Privacy Place is staffed by a inter-disciplinary team of researchers at Georgia Tech‘s School of Interactive Computing and North Carolina State University‘s Business Management department.

Societal values, web site policies, and the operational functioning of web-based e-commerce systems are often misaligned.

We at The Privacy Place seek to encourage the adoption of a more holistic view of application and specification, in which a system is seen as an engine of policy enforcement and values attainment.

Our goal is to develop concepts, tools and techniques that help IT professionals and policy makers bring policies and system requirements into better alignment.

We will construct and validate an action-oriented set of conceptual tools, including guidelines and privacy-relevant policy templates.

This web site has been developed for the purpose of conducting and disseminating results and recommendations from a project, entitled “Aligning Societal Values, Privacy Policy, and IT Requirements” which is funded by the National Science Foundation.

ThePrivacyPlace.org is chaired by Dr. Annie I. Antón. She created the web site in August of 2001 and maintains it with the assistance of Dr. Aaron Massey and Richard Rutledge. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Rappa, who designed the logo for ThePrivacyPlace.org.